Wherever a plant grows, Nature has a plan and the design will always be perfect!

The latest advances in cosmesis are based on invaluable synergies between hi-tech formulations and superlative, highly active and dermo-compatible natural ingredients. With Amodermis, natural extracts having a precious biological functionality, noble ingredients and rare fragrances are selected and procured for customers of particular discernment and refinement, based on their skin profile and on variable factors of individuality, geography and climate. Adopting this approach, the cosmetic expertise of Amodermis will pinpoint safe and effective formulas delivering a product that is unique. Like the identity of the customer.
Nature helps us and protects us. Nature gives us priceless ingredients, with incomparable and unparalleled properties. Superlative.


A highly prized essential oil with a powerful fragrance and noble composition, extracted exclusively from the bark of a plant growing only in certain parts of Madagascar. The in-vitro anti-inflammatory activity and skin moisturizing properties attributed to this distillate make it an ideal constituent for high-end cosmetic formulations with anti-age and skin renewal functions. Amodermis has selected this ingredient for sophisticated and ultra-active formulations designed with strong-willed and tenacious personalities in mind. Quality assurance procedures require that every lot undergoes analysis in Italy, to guarantee safety and efficacy.

An essential oil designated Noble by virtue of its being selected through fractionated distillation of the fresh flower, enabling collection only of the most volatile, precious part of the distillate and avoiding contamination with heavier molecules that are found typically in traditional essential oil of Ylang Ylang. Amodermis has selected this highly prized fraction of Ylang Ylang for its excellent eudermic and sebum-regulating cosmetic properties. An inebriating fragrance with an aphrodisiac note completes the pleasurable allure of the formulation.

With its intense aroma and dense consistency, this seed oil is regarded as a panacea in many treatises on ethnomedicine from the Indian Ocean region. Well-known for its dermatologically active properties, the oil is an ingredient ideal for soothing cosmetic formulations designed to aid the repair of skin damaged by scars and wrinkles. A natural cytoprotective agent able to counteract UV-induced DNA damage and oxidative stress, Calophyllum Inophyllum has been selected by Amodermis for its capacity to improve and enhance anti-age and skin-defence formulations.


A fragranced citrus fruit rich in ascorbic acid, and a powerful antioxidant, selected by Amodermis from certified growing areas in Italy (I.G.P. – Protected Geographical Indication), to enrich skin lightening and bleaching cosmetic formulations for noble and aristocratic complexions. The action of specific bleaching formulations created by Amodermis is rendered especially effective by this ingredient, as well as pleasing and evocative, as the skin absorbs the fragrance of the Gulf of Sorrento and its lemon groves.

A precious false berry, unique in nature for its ultra-high concentration of molecules generating capillary-protective and antioxidant activity, selected by Amodermis for anti-age and toning-astringent cosmetic formulations. The black bilberry found on the Apennines above Modena is a prize asset of this geographical area: a truly inimitable local treasure. Impossible to cultivate, it can be procured only by harvesting in the wild, which is a task for expert and knowledgeable pickers. Given this provenance, and the fact of being naturally rich in biologically active molecules, Vaccinium myrtillus L. perfectly reflects the Amodermis philosophy, and is selected for certain of our most exclusive limited edition offerings.

An emblem representing the excellence of Modenese tradition worldwide. Gracing the dinner tables of European aristocracy since the time of the Dukes of Este, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar has evolved into the perfect product reserved for a select few. Created through an expert manipulation of biological processes — the secrets handed on with patience and passion from generation to generation — Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a living product characterized by natural acidity, rich in enzymes, sugars, acids and active molecules, ideal for use in the preparation of biocompatible, efficacious and prized cosmetics. Selected for the vital energy of the molecules it contains, and its centuries-old history as a medicinal vinegar, the finest “black gold” is procured by Amodermis from the oldest and trustworthiest casks to enhance the exquisiteness of the preparations in which it is used.