Elegant surroundings, a professional laboratory, a leading-edge technological cutaneous bioengineering platform, impeccable standards of hygiene and highly qualified sta: these are the resources placed at the disposal of Amodermis customers. The intuitions, sensations and perceptions of our guests accompany the most delicate steps in the creation of the product, so that the finished article will reflect their identity and feelings completely. In the course of a process involving interviews and discussions, Amodermis specialists explore and create together with the customer.
Modena lies at the heart of an Italian region renowned for engineering excellence and refined delicacies, and it is here that Amodermis welcomes customers with care and commitment, at an exclusive location, ensuring that their visit to the Salon will show them Italian
passion and professionalism at its best, and live in the memory as a unique experience.

The Amodermis service is available exclusively by appointment


Amodermis whispers Italian excellence to the world at large: for customers unable to come to the Salon, Amodermis specialists can arrange to visit and o#er them the “Amodermis at home” service. The formulation created during the visit will then be made up in Italy and remain available exclusively to the customer for whom it was designed.
Direct access to the place where a customer lives and circulates can sometimes help to make a product even more special, with noble and sought-after ingredients from the geographical area of interest also being included in the formula; new functional cosmetic ingredients — perhaps requested by customers themselves — can be evaluated from a safety and e#cacy standpoint and then added to the formula if suitable, significantly enhancing its originality. Amodermis experts apply the perfect blend of scientific rigour and creative flair, formulating products that are Made in Italy, using functional ingredients sourced from around the world.
Similarly, the “Amodermis at home” service is an Italian masterpiece of bespoke cosmetics. A journey of exploration involving mind and body, evoking a perfect combination of pure pleasure and inimitable experience.
Made in italy, especially for you!