AMODERMIS is the first Italian luxury cosmetics house that enables customers to express their personal identity through the creation of exclusive and individual skin care formulas, guaranteed 100% Made in Italy. Starting from the premiss that the skin reveals the intimate nature of every individual, customers of the Amodermis salon become central players in the creation of a unique and inimitable product, designed exclusively with them and for them, containing superior functional and active ingredients of the next generation. Recipients of the Amodermis experience embark on a guided exploration of sophisticated fragrances and luxurious textures making up a product created just for them, tailored to their needs and generating unique sensations. This personal involvement, and the painstaking care applied in balancing the formula, produces creations that are individual, unmistakable, sophisticated and active, linked by a single common denominator of refined elegance; in certain cases, when cosmetology research conducted in-house by Amodermis produces innovative solutions, this same refined elegance is accessible with “exclusive” formulations oered in numbered series.


The Amodermis approach is to identify and meet the needs of the most demanding skins and discerning olfactory senses with meticulous care. In short, AMODERMIS focuses on the essential function of the skin, namely its role as the main bodily organ through which an individual communicates with and relates to the outside world. Similarly, the faculty of smell is a repository of many emotional experiences, and only when this sense is fully satisfied can deep and rewarding sensations be awoken. Accordingly, the practice at Amodermis is to apply quality, precision and care when working on those small details that are undetectable to many. Balancing every formula to perfection and combining active ingredients with careful expertise, Amodermis is able to create unique cosmetics that are a true expression of a customer’s personality — the kind of gratification that no o-the-shelf cosmetic can deliver.
The hallmark of AMODERMIS is the attainment of synergy between individuality, cosmetology and scientific research; this three-way interaction favours a continuous discovery of elements able to fulfil a particular desire: that of possessing the perfect cosmetic. Once familiar with the dermatological and sensory needs of single customers, Amodermis specialists are able to formulate a product of real excellence, reflecting their individual personality and preferences, rendering it unique and enhancing its particular attributes through a process that is both sensory and cerebral